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Gracia López, Antonio
Sport Name:Gracia 
Date of Brith:10-02-1917 
Place of Birth:Poble Nou- Barcelona 
Year of Entry in FC Barcelona:1939 
Seasons played with FC Barcelona:1939-1940 ; 1940-1941; 1941-1942 ; 1942-1943 ; 1943-1944 ; 1944-1945; 1945-1946 
Levels Played at:1r equip 

Gracia_Lopez_Antonio_1.jpg Gracia_Lopez_Antonio_2.jpg Gracia_Lopez_Antonio_3.jpg Gracia_Lopez_Antonio_4.jpg
First Team Appearances:Yes 
Field Position:davanter 
Friendly Games:33 partits 
Official Games:97 partits, 64 gols 
Championships Won:Campió de lliga 1944-45 ; Campió de Copa 1942 
Number of Appearances for the Catalan Regional Side:Yes 
Seasons in the Autonomous Selections:4 partits 
Trophies won with the Catalan Regional Side: 
International Caps:No 
Seasons in the Spanish Selection: 
Trophies won with the Spanish Olympic Side: 
Appearances for the Spanish Olympic Side:No 
Seasons in the Olympic Selection: 
Championships Won with the Olympic Selection: 
Appearances for FC Barcelona Veterans:Yes 
Number of Games with ABV Team:Alguns 
Continued with the Sport:No 
Still Active: 
Previos Teams:Jùpiter (juvenil) Hèrcules del Poble Nou 
Teams after FC Barcelona:Sabadell (1ª divisió) Tortosa Calella 
Played with Espanya Industrial:No 
Seasons with Espanya Industrial: 
Condal Team:No 
Season with the Condal Team: 
Defunction Date: 

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